3 Legged Thing Ellie: A Truly Universal L Bracket

3 Legged Thing Ellie: A Truly Universal L Bracket

Introducing the latest export from the Stagsden chicken shed, Bedfordshire; the 3 Legged Thing Ellie Universal L Bracket. Thoroughly designed and developed with 18 possible configurations, Ellie is one of the most universal mounts on the market.

The 3 Legged Thing Ellie Universal L Bracket was released in March this year at The Photography Show, just down from the Lee Filters Lee100 filter system launch. Its strapping design and curious new look intrigued many at The NEC arena. But it was the features of this L Bracket that really got the crowd excited.

3 legged thing ellie features

3 Legged Thing Ellie L Bracket switches from portrait to horizontal

There are many benefits to an L Bracket, with the sole purpose being to switch between portrait and landscape in one quick and swift movement. Ellie does this wonderfully, while also boasting some smart new features.

One of Ellie’s exciting features is an extendable horizontal base. The ability to extend the base of the mount opens it up to a whole range of camera types and makes. Ellie’s base has a range of 95mm to 128mm and can be achieved by using the supplied hex mini tool.

Like its predecessor, the 3 Legged Thing QR11 L bracket, Ellie has been designed with a huge amount of space on the vertical aspect. But this time there’s an added feature; an opening, allowing users with L-shaped cable pins to connect accessories.

As well as all of this, Ellie includes some of the same great design features that we have come to love from 3 Legged Thing. Including dual ¼”-20 screw mounts for adding accessories and two screw mounts for optimal positioning of the camera.

The base is a 38mm standard arca-swiss fit with sloped edges to better enable screen access.

Available in the classic Copper or Metallic Grey colours, Ellie is on sale now for just £64.95.

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