6 Camera Accessories for 2018

Camera Accessories for 2018

It’s 2018! Which means it’s time to start kitting out that new january-sale-bargain-camera of yours with some essential and exciting camera accessories.

Carrying on from our “11 must-have accessories“, we continue to showcase some great new equipment that can be very useful when shooting in the field.

Camera Accessories for 2018 - Sandisk 32GB SDHC Memory Card
Sandisk 32GB SDHC Memory Card
1. Sandisk 32GB SDHC Memory Card – £17.99 £15.99

Yes the rumours are true, we are (FINALLY!) stocking the pinnacle of camera accessories; Memory Cards. And when it comes to memory cards, there aren’t many better than the reliable SanDisk brand.

The Sandisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card provides dependability and solid performance for pictures and video. Whether it’s being used in a DSLR, digital camera, action camera, a PC or more.

With a great security feature for the protection of copyrighted data, this highly secure flash memory card is perfect for shooting in both JPEG and RAW. The 32GB memory can store over 4000 JPEG images (400 uncompressed RAW files) with a 22MP camera.

Camera Accessories for 2018 - OpTech wrist strap
OpTech Gotcha Wrist Strap
2. OpTech Gotcha Wrist Strap – £9.99

So, you’ve got your new camera. Even better, it came with a great looking name-branded camera strap! So you think to yourself “why should i invest in another one? I’ve got everything i need!”. Think again.

At a eye-opening £9.99, the OpTech Gotcha Strap wraps snugly and comfortably around the wrist. Made from soft, durable neoprene pad material, it’s great for attaching to cameras, binoculars, video cameras and more.

Ideal for lighter mirrorless and point-and-shoot cameras, and featuring a quick connector with easily adjustable straps, you’ll be safe mind knowing that your camera will never take a leave of absence towards the hard ground.

Camera Accessories for 2018 - VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning
VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit
3. VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit – £13.95

Whether you’re starting out in photography or you’re a long-time experienced pro, we all know how important camera maintenance is (“sigh”, we know).

Among our brand new range of camera accessories is the brilliant VSGO Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit (APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit also available). Equipped with 10 high quality purposely-cut swabs, this kit enables incredibly precise cleaning of your full frame camera sensor.

If you’re new to any sort of camera sensor cleaning be sure to check out our “Camera Sensor Cleaning the easy way” guide for a step-by-step walk through of the process.

Camera Accessories for 2018 - VSGO Cleaning Kit
VSGO Camera Cleaning & Maintenance Kit
4. VSGO Camera Cleaning & Maintenance Kit – £14.95 £12.95

Now that your camera sensor is all clean, it’s time to put the sparkle back into the rest of your gear with the VSGO Camera Cleaning Kit.

Featuring 5 fantastic items, this cleaning and maintenance kit is the ideal package when it comes to removing dirt, dust and moisture build up from your camera lenses and accessories.

Use the cleaning liquid to assist in the removal of stubborn marks, the brush and mini blower to blow away unwanted dust, and the re-washable microfibre cloths to complete the job.

Camera Accessories for 2018 - Joby GorillaPod 500 action
Joby GorillaPod 500 Action Tripod Kit
5. Joby GorillaPod 500 Action Tripod – £22.95

We’ve been having so much fun with these new and evolved Joby GorillaPods, and i’m sure a lot of you have too! Once you see the GorillaPod as an actual camera tripod, and not in the same baker as a selfie stick, the creative possibilities become clear.

Weighing in at just 83g, the Joby 500 Action Tripod Kit is superb when it comes to travelling light. Included is a removable pin-joint mount for action cameras and a standard 1/4″ screw-in attachment for other cameras.

Independent joint movement allows this incredible versatile tripod to wrap around objects and adapt to un-even surfaces. With a loading weight of 500g, it’s ideal for supporting small-to-medium sized cameras, action & 360 cameras, or any other gear weighing up to 500g.

If you’re still unsure, check out our “An introduction to Joby GorillaPods” to see these fantastically build tripods in a whole new light.

Camera Accessories for 2018 - SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC Card
SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC Memory Card
6. SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC Card 80MB/s – £29.99 £27.99

Concluding our 6 best camera accessories for 2018, is the brilliantly fast SanDisk 64GB Ultra SDXC memory card. Another new impressive addition to our store with a performance rate twice as fast as other cards.

The enhanced data read speeds of up to 80 MB/s means the 64GB Ultra SDXC memory card is an ideal choice for many photographers, especially those recording in full HD 1080p.

The 64GB memory allows you to store over 8000 JPEG images (800 uncompressed RAW files) with a 22MP camera in one day.

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