Since 1967 we have been providing camera equipment, accessories and advice for all levels of photography. From providing award-winning customer service on both our online retail store and via the telephone, to customising bespoke camera parts to all that enquire; we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Please enjoy a brief timeline of our history below. If you’re like to know more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A Timeline of SRB Photographic

Established in 1967, by Shirley Robert Broomhead and later passed down to his son Ian Broomhead, SRB Film Service of Luton started as precision engineers that made metal components for the optical and photographic industry. We designed and constructed a great range of products, from simple filter holders to complex optical housings. One of our main strengths was the ability to produce one-off and custom built parts to customer requirements quickly and cost effectively. Thus giving us our long and popular history of bespoke engineering.
Griturn Engineering Ltd. was formed in 1977 and primarily supported the engineering requirements of Optex Ltd, a company that designed camera lenses, mounts, bracketry, filter systems etc, for the television and film industry. Over the years Griturn looked to diversify its product range, and with the introduction of CNC machinery we were able to start manufacturing for the mass produced markets as well as in small batches. Inside the team at Griturn were current Managing Directors, James Condon & Terry Fogden.
With both companies forming an increasingly close relationship in the photographic industry for many years, the possibility of merging both SRB Film and Griturn Engineering became apparent. So, in January 2006, the two companies became one. This combined photographic knowledge and experience went on to form SRB Griturn LTD.
In 2010 we renamed our expanding E-commerce website, introducing SRB Photographic. The primary focus of srb-photographic.co.uk is to provide the best quality products with a top quality service. So far we have gone on to win the Good Service Award in 2015 & 2016 and the Gear of the Year Award in 2015 & 2016.
We took a huge step towards upgrading our engineering plant by occupying a brand new state-of-the-art 10,000 sq ft facility, situated in the Bedfordshire countryside, that consists of three professionally equipped units (You can find our engineering website here). With our new layout and the copious amounts of open floor, the workshop has been designed in such a way that our highly trained and focused team will provide the very best and most efficient service to our customers. Including a brilliant SRB Photographic office and showroom.
Late in 2016 we were shocked and saddened when one of our former Managing Directors, Ian Broomhead, passed away. A truly hard working and all-round nice guy that can be credited with the importance of the SRB brand. His excellent attention to detail and love of photography will be greatly missed at SRB and we feel this is a genuine loss to the photographic industry.
We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and offering the best service possible. So when we were presented with customer service awards in 2015 and 2016, it was a joy to know that our customer service was reaching the highest possible standards. These awards included the Amateur Photographer Gold Good Service award and Practical Photography Gear of the Year Good Service award.