All you need to know about Apple’s new IOS11 image format

With the release of the new IOS11 software update from Apple due today, we thought we should get a better understanding of one main new feature; HEIF.

What is HEIF?
HEIF is the new default image format for users capturing photos on the new IOS11 update, replacing the standard and world-renowned JPEG image format. Short for High Efficient Image Format, HEIF is a more streamlined way of storing image files, which Apple explains will save you a whopping 50% on photo storage.

Ever-improving camera hardware on the iPhone has forced Apple’s hand into considering a solution to storage capacity through compression, while maintaining image quality. With the new high efficient image format, they believe they have found the solution.

Problems & solutions
This change in default image formatting means that if you were to export the photos from your phone to a computer, they may not be compatible with certain JPEG programs or software.

However, though there are many ways around this problem, the simplest being an easy online format conversion that takes the HEIF file and changes it to a JPEG file within seconds. One website to use is

How Can I use HEIF?
Although the new image format will be a default for your iPhone on IOS11, there may be times where you want to change the set up. For instance, if you don’t need to save the extra storage and prefer a JPEG image. Here’s how you do it:

Locate the settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down to camera and then select format. You then have a choice of options. To revert back to JPEG, select most compatible.


When Can I use HEIF?
HEIF will be the new default with the IOS11 software update that is due today (19th September). However, according to Apple, you will need an iPhone that features an A9 chip at the very least.

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