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Best Photography Deals From our January Sale

It’s the new year, which means the sales have begun; including our very own January Sale! There’s not many better times to grab a bargain and find some exciting deals and we’re here to help. Below, you’ll find our top picks from our very own January sale. Let’s shop!

Great Deals on Lee Filters

Captured with the Lee Filters SW150 Filter System - Featured in our sale!
Captured with the Lee Filters SW150 Filter System – Featured in our sale!

So, let’s jump straight in! It’s no secret how popular and impressive the Lee Filters photography range really is, which means discovering a Lee Filters item in a sale can be un-heard-of….but that’s not the case for our January sale!

No matter what Lee Filters filter system you are in the market for (there’s 3 systems to choose from; read our Lee Filters Guide for more) we’ve got you covered. Grab the Lee Filters 100mm Foundation Kit for just £54.95, the Lee Filters Seven5 Filter Holder for only £44.95 – that’s £14 off! – and the Lee Filters SW150 Mark II Holder for only £129.95.

Find Great Deals of Filters and Filter Sets
Find Great Deals on Filters and Filter Sets

If that’s not enough, we’ve also got some brilliant offers and savings on filter sets. Save £30 on a set of Lee Filters 100mm ND Very Hard Filters, grab a 100mm Sunset Filter Set for just £89.95 and get £30 off ND Filter Sets for the SW150 system available in both Hard and Soft.

Other Lee Filters sale items include the 100mm 1.2 Full ND Filter for just £99.95, the Seven5 Starter Kit for under £90, the 100mm Upgrade Kit at only £69.95 and a whopping £20 off the SW150 Super Stopper (15 stops) Filter.

Save on 3 Legged Thing Tripods and More

Get Great Savings on 3 Legged Thing!
Get Great Savings on 3 Legged Thing!

Establishing themselves as one of the leading UK producers of Tripods and Monopods, 3 Legged Thing also feature heavily in our January sales. You can grab the newest member of their PUNKS Tripod Range, Patti, for under £85. While also saving on the Professional Eclipse Leo Tripod & AirHed Switch Kit – Voted Tripod of the Year 2017.

And it’s not just tripods that feature in our January sale-bonanza, you’ll find the 3 Legged Thing Alan Carbon Fibre Monopod at just £124.95 and many great accessories. Like the newest member of our 3 Legged Thing range, the Heelz Tripod Feet.

Many More Deals on Accessories

SanDisk Memory Cards Starting at just £7.50!
SanDisk Memory Cards Starting at just £7.50!

For years, we have prided ourselves on delivering the very best photography accessories all in one place. And what’s better than that, is most of them feature in our new year sale!

Find SanDisk Memory Cards starting at just £7.50 this January, a Bluetooth Remote Shutter at only £2.95, the VSGO Camera Cleaning Kit featuring 5 essential items for under £13, and OpTech camera straps starting at a super low price of £7.95!

Things to know about our January Sale

It’s important to know that not all of these great prices will last, as the majority of our January sale comes to an end on the 31st. So hurry and grab a deal today, while you still can!

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