A complete guide to Lee Filters

Lee Filters SW150 Filter System

Lee Filters, “The Masters of light”, a company that has long been associate with the production of high quality photography filters and equipment for the professional photographer.

The Lee Filters range spans across three separate filter systems and includes a vast inventory of award-winning products. But when it comes to choosing what system is right for you, it may be a little overwhelming. So let’s break it down and get a better understanding of each filter system…

Lee Filters Seven5 Filter System

Light, portable and perfect for street photography and general picture-taking on-the-go. Compact system cameras feature the flexibility of manual controls and interchangeable lenses. But it hasn’t always been possible to make the most of filters with them – until now.” – LEE Filters

Lee Filters Seven5 Filter System
Lee Filters Seven5 Deluxe Kit

Designed for being used with compact camera systems and mirrorless cameras, the Lee Filters Seven5 filter system is ideal for photographers on the go. Consisting of a lightweight filter holder, an extensive filter range and accessories to match.

The Seven5 Filter Holder attaches to a camera via a Seven5 Adaptor Ring (sold separately) allowing for the use of up to two filters at one time. The Seven5 filters measure 75x90mm and keep with the lightweight theme of the system. Filters range from polarisers and ND grads to high quality long exposure filters like the Seven5 Super Stopper.

Lee Filters Seven Filter System
Equipment: Seven5 Holder, Seven5 0.6 ND Hard Grad, Seven5 Polariser

This lightweight and portable Seven5 system can be seen as the dream filter system for any street photographer. For more on street photography, check out Marie Gardiner’s latest episode of Women in Photography with street photographer Linda Wisdom.

Lee Filters 100mm Filter System

At the core of the LEE Filters system is the holder, which comes assembled with two filter slots. The holder is designed to be compatible with 100mm filters – our standard width. To fit the holder to the lens, an adaptor ring is required. There are two types of LEE Filter adaptor ring: one for general use, and one for wide-angle lenses.” – LEE Filters

Lee Filters 100mm Filter System
Lee Filters 100mm Filter System

The Lee Filters 100mm Filter System has been specifically designed for full-frame DSLR cameras and professional quality lenses. The system’s 100mm holder is fantastic to have when shooting a greater field of view with lenses wider than 20mm. This makes the 100mm filter system a popular choice for landscape photographers.

At the centre of the Lee 100mm System is the Foundation Kit. This consists of a filter holder capable of accommodating up to three 100mm filters at one time. The holder is then attached to a camera via a 100mm Adaptor Ring (sold separately) that screws into the front filter thread of a camera lens.

Lee Filters 100mm Filter System
Equipment: Foundation Kit, 0.6 ND Soft Grad, 100mm Super Stopper

Like all of Lee’s systems, filters for the 100mm system are vast. These vary from polarisers, ND Grads, long exposure filters, reverse ND Grads and even a Solar Eclipse filter.

The width of each filter is approximately 100mm, but the height may vary. For example, long exposures filters like the 100mm Big Stopper measures 100x100mm, whereas Graduated ND filters measure 100x150mm. This is purposefully designed to allow you to move the ND Grad filter up-and-down to align the perfect frame.

Tip: Check out the handy Lee Filters Stopper app to achieve the correct exposure when out shooting.

Lee Filters SW150 Filter System

Landscape photographers have long understood the benefits of ultra-wideangle lenses, but their design constraints made the use of filters virtually impossible. Now, the SW150 Mark II filter system opens up opportunities for the creative use of filters, without the need to be concerned about vignetting.” – LEE Filters

Lee Filters SW150 Filter System
Lee Filters SW150 Filter System

Measuring larger than any other system from Lee Filters, the SW150 Filter System is designed specifically with ultra-wide angle lenses in mind. The 150x150mm SW150 filters (150x170mm ND Grad filters) will ensure the widest views and panoramic shots are not disturbed and captured in fantastic detail.

Lee Filters SW150 Filter System
Equipment: SW150 Mark II Holder, SW150 Little Stopper, 0.6 ND Hard Grad

The SW150 system begins with the SW150 Mark II Filter Holder, equipped with two filter slots and a removable Lightshield. The Lightshield “helps to prevent unwanted back reflections and creates a light tight seal enabling the use of any of the Stopper Range of long exposure filters”.

The holder is fitted onto the camera lens via a compatible SW150 Lens Adaptor (currently there are 14 compatible lenses). If you don’t see your lens on the compatibility list don’t worry, you can also attach the holder to the lens filter thread with the SW150 Screw-in Lens Adaptors.

Lee Filters System Match

If you’ve read the above and you still aren’t sure on what system is best for you, then don’t worry. In 2017, Lee Filters released a very handy tool called the Lee Filters System Match for such a predicament.

In this easy-to-use tool you select the brand of lens, the lens type and the focal length. This will then result in the correct Lee Filters set up for your lens. For example, the Sony FE 28-70mm f3.5-5.6 OSS Lens will need a 55mm Wide Angle Adaptor for the 100mm filter system. Or even a 55mm Standard Adaptor for the Seven5 filter system.

Give it a try today!

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