DJI Osmo Action camera takes on GoPro Hero7

DJI Osmo Action camera takes on GoPro Hero7

The DJI Osmo Action camera is DJI’s first step into the action camera market, posing a threat to market-leaders GoPro.

DJI Osmo action v gorpo hero7

The similarities between DJI’s very first action camera and GoPro’s latest flagship model, the Hero7 Black, are vast. The greatest comparison though, is the image-stabilisation software; Hypersmooth in the GoPro Hero7 and Rocksteady in the Osmo Action.

Other features that can be found on both cameras are dual microphones, a removable battery, waterproof and voice control. Similar shooting features include slow-motion (8x in 1080p), time-lapse, 12MP photos and recording at up to 60/fps in 4K resolution.

DJI Osmo Action camera takes on GoPro Hero7

The design is also very similar to that of the Hero7, which means it opens itself up to the use of many GoPro accessories. Meaning, if you have existing GoPro accessories, they’ll be sure to fit and work with the Osmo Action camera. For example, the attachment of the 3 Legged Thing Iggy Tripod kit will fit both acton cameras.

Like it’s GoPro rival, the DJI Osmo Action has a MicroSD storage slot for such memory cards as the SanDisk 32GB Extreme Plus MicroSD Card and SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus MicroSD Card.

killer feature

There is one feature though that sets the DJI Osmo Action apart from the Hero7, and thats the front screen. This is a front-facing full colour screen display, aimed mainly at vloggers and selfie-enthusiasts, that shows a preview of whatever the camera is recording.

DJI Osmo Action camera takes on GoPro Hero7

But there are a few minor details to consider with the Osmo Action camera, like the inability to record in HDR when using the Rocksteady stabilisation mode. There is also no option for live-streaming, if thats your thing, and the sound quality of the microphone needs a bit of work.

However, with a price tag that is £50 less than the GoPro Hero7 Black, any minor differences between the two can easily be forgotten. The DJI Osmo Action is available now, with included accessories and battery, for £329.

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