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Introducing the brand new Elite Accessories, exclusively designed for our SRB Elite Filter System. We’re really excited to bring you these new products that will give the Elite Accessories range a bigger and better variety!

Elite Lens Cap

The first new item to feature in our Elite Accessories is the long-awaited, and highly sought after, Elite Lens Cap. After seeing great demand, mostly at this year’s Photography Show, we know that the release of the Elite Lens Cap will be welcomed by a lot of our Elite Filter System users.

Elite Lens Cap available now!
Elite Lens Cap available now!

Moulded from silicone material the Elite Lens Cap has been designed to slip over the outside diameter (90mm) of an Elite Adaptor Ring, while still connected to a camera lens. When attached, the cap forms a tight suction to protect the front element lens when not in use.

The Elite Lens Cap is available today in both singular and in a pack of 3.

WATCH: Hands on with the Elite Filter Holder

Elite Shield

The next new item to make up our Elite Accessories is the Elite Shield. The Shield has a much more specific purpose, which applies to anyone wishing to use our Pro Glass ND Filters with an Elite Filter Holder.

Elite Shield available today!
Elite Shield available today!

Due to the square design of the Pro Glass ND Filters, you may notice a gap both above and below the filter when placed into the Elite Filter Holder. (Unless you’re using an Elite Filter – Polariser, ND1000, 6-stop – which will contain this gap). Well, the Elite Shield has been designed to prevent this!

Simply screw the Shield into the centre thread of the Elite Holder and then slide in the ND Glass Pro Filter. Both gaps will now be sealed, allowing you to shoot with no unwanted light seepage.

P Size Bellows Lens Hoods
Bellows Lens Hoods in Black, Blue & Red

These new items add great variety to the Elite Accessories range, which already includes the Elite Extras Kit and Bellows Lens Hoods.

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