Hands on: The SRB Elite Filter Holder

Released in 2016, our very own P Size Square Filter Elite Filter Holder has been by-far the most popular product from the SRB Photographic store.

Packed with such creative potential and great features, not to mention a reasonable price tag, the Elite Filter Holder has certainly impressed the experts and improved the P Size Square Filter range.

Features including the ability to use and rotate a polariser filter inside the holder (Elite Polariser), use long exposure filters (Elite ND1000 & Elite 6-stop) with absolutely no light-seepage, use up to two P Size square filters at one time, and an easy rotation of the holder while attached to a lens.

Fantastic reviews from such publications as Professional Image Maker Magazine and f2cameracraft Magazine, and brilliant feedback from writer & photographer Marie Gardiner (mariegardiner.co.uk) on her scenic trip to Switzerland, has lead to an early – yet inevitable – expansion of the whole Elite Filter System.

Below, you will find just a handful of the many reviews for our Elite Filter System and Holder. Please feel free to add any reviews of your own!

“A well-made and designed filter system that lifts the semi-pro P system to a higher level.”

f2camercraft Magazine, February 2017

“A very competitively priced accessory, made to top-class engineering standards.”

Professional Image Maker Magazine, March 2017

“Like everything that SRB have thrown at me and dared me to break, their new P Size Elite Filter Holder is great. They’ve upped their game on build quality and functionality and once you’ve mastered the initial fiddliness of the new set-up, I doubt you’ll look back.” Full review

Marie Gardiner , January 2017

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