Elite Filter Pouch: A Pouch for all Occasions

Elite Filter Pouch: A Pouch for all Occasions

The Elite Filter Pouch is our latest addition to both the Elite Filter System and accessories range. Offering safe and secure storage of filters and accessories, in a tough and waterproof casing.

The pouch comes equipped with six soft-cushioned pockets and an additional accessories pocket. These pockets let you safely store an Elite Filter Holder and up to six 84mm P size Square Filters.

These cushioned pockets are also large enough to store six circular filters of any size up to 105mm. The accessory pocket can equally be used the other items, such as cleaning equipment or SD Cards.

Made from tough, durable and waterproof material, the Elite Filter Pouch is an ideal choice for outdoor and landscape photography. As well as featuring a secure zip closure and an additional velcro closing for greater security.

Featured on the reverse of the pouch is a belt and tripod loop, giving greater functionality. These loops can be particularly useful for quick and easy of filters and accessories when on a shoot.

Elite Filter Pouch Storage

The internal dimensions of the pouch allow you to store square filters and adaptor rings of sizes up to 84mm (P size) wide. This means you can store the 67mm A size square filter range and others, like the Lee Filters Seven5 filter range.

However, the pouch hasn’t been designed just for square filters. The storage space means you can also store all sizes of circular filters up to our largest size of 105mm.

As well as having six soft-cushioned pockets, the Elite Filter Pouch also has a front accessory pocket. This has been designed for the Elite Filter HolderElite lite Filter HolderElite Nano Filter Holder and other accessories – like SD Cards.


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