Getting To Know The Elite Nano Filter Holder

Getting to know the Elite Nano Filter Holder

The Elite Nano Filter Holder is our answer to the 67mm filter market and the latest addition in our Elite Filter range.

Similar to the Elite lite Holder, the Elite Nano has been crafted from lightweight and durable aluminium for easy every-day use.

The Elite Nano Holder includes many great features that has made our Elite 84mm range so popular. These include the easy-clip mechanism for attaching Elite Adaptor Rings, the option to use two filters at once, and the ability to rotate the holder when in use.

How to use the Elite Nano

  1. Attaching the Elite Nano to the camera – Firstly, you’ll need to purchase the correct sized Elite Nano Adaptor Ring that is going to fit into the filter thread of your camera lens. Once attached, the Nano will slot over the adaptor ring using the easy-clip mechanism.

    Getting to know the Elite Nano

  2. Using your 67mm filters – Once attached, you can insert up to two 67mm wide A Size filters into the holder. The filters will slide into the filter blades were they are firmly held in place.

    Getting to know the Elite Nano

  3. Rotate – Our unique design also allows the holder to rotate when it is attached to the camera. This is perfect for lining up your ND Grads with that slightly crooked horizon.

    Getting to know the Elite Nano

  4. Shoot – Now the fun part. Once you’re all set up and ready to go, you can start shooting!

When it comes to Choosing a Holder for Square Filters the options may be overwhelming and a little expensive at time. But, with our Elite Filter System range, we believe our professional holders offer a fantastic opportunity for everyone.

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