GoPro release 5.2k 360-degree camera

GoPro Hero 6

“GoPro Fusion marks the beginning of a new creative era”

GoPro have today taken an impressive leap into the VR 360-degree camera market with their latest release, Fusion. Unveiled at the company’s launch event in San Francisco today, alongside the new GoPro Hero6, the 5.2k resolution 360-degree camera aims to accelerate 360-degree video into the mainstream.

Standout new features include “shockingly smooth” stabilisation – so good that it eliminates the need for a gimble – and the ability to capture spherical images at 18MP.

Also included will be the new Fusion Studio software designed for desktop computers to bolster the 360-degree editing process, which will include the new OverCapture feature.

As well as the Fusion, the new GoPro Hero6 was introduced to the world featuring a custom designed new GP1 chip – the first of its kind from the action camera experts – that promises 2x the performance of the previous Hero5 camera. Resulting in improved video recording of 4k/60fps, slow motion capture at 1080/240fps, and better low-light capabilities and stabilisation.

Like its predecessor, the Hero6 is waterproof WITHOUT A CASE – the best feature an action camera can have, in our opinion – down to a depth of 10m/33ft.

Other improvements to the Hero6 include 3x faster offloading speeds and a new digital zoom feature.

GoPro Fusion information

GoPro Fusion

360-degree video
18MP Spherical photos
Burst Mode & Time Lapse
Wireless connectivity (bluetooth & wifi)
Voice control
Waterproof (down to 5m/16ft)
Price: £700
Available from: 30th November 2017
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GoPro Hero6 information

GoPro Hero6 both sides

4k/60fps video recording
1080/240fps Slow motion recording
12MP photos
Burst Mode & Time Lapse
Wireless connectivity (bluetooth & wifi)
Voice control
Waterproof (down to 10m/33ft)
Price: £500
Available from: Today
See more about Hero6

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