Choosing a Holder for Square Filters

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So, you’ve finally got your camera. Now you want to try it’s capabilities and test it’s potential. “Square filters!” you think to yourself. But which square filter system do you choose?

What is a filter holder?

The main function of a filter holder is to use square filters with your camera. Square filters are held in front of the camera lens by a filter holder attached to a threaded adaptor ring. The possibilities of a square filter holder are vast, but the functionalities depend on the quality of the holder – more on this later!

You may be wondering why you would choose square filters other a tradition screw-in circular filter? The main benefit is that a square filter holder can be used across a variety of camera lenses by changing only the adaptor ring – working out to be much cheaper in the long run!

Other great benefits include stacking filters and adjusting the position of a filter – great for ND Grad filters.

What are the options?

SRB holders for your Square Filters

As you can, there is a great variety of types and sizes in the SRB Photographic filter holder range. But the question still remains: What holder is best for you? Lets narrow it down to what size holder you can choose from:

A size (67mm) filter holders: (The term A size refers to the size of the square filter. An A size square filter is 67mm wide.) This A size filter holder is designed for small mirrorless cameras – specifically Micro four thirds, Bridge cameras and Compact cameras with a filter thread.

P size (84mm) filter holders: (The term P size refers to the size of the square filter. A P size square filter from SRB is 84mm wide.) Traditionally seen as an entry-level holder for both digital and film SLR cameras. A P size filter holder (See the acclaimed Elite filter holder!) is also seen as the perfect option for professional mirrorless cameras, such as the Fuji X series and Micro four thirds cameras. However, a P size holder is intended for lenses down to 20mm-24mm in focal length – any lenses wider than this will cause vignetting.

100mm Filter Holders: Designed for the larger 100mmx150mm square filters, a 100mm filter holder is primarily used on medium format cameras as well as 35mm SLRs with lenses wider than 20mm to cover the greater field of view. Ideal for landscape photography and panoramic shots!

And that’s it!

Yep, that’s all there is to it! So hopefully, by now, you know what square filter holder is right for you. If you’re looking to find out more information about our Elite Filter Holder, please see below 🙂

Featured: The P Size Elite Filter Holder

Introducing our popular and acclaimed P Size Elite Filter Holder, a brilliantly engineered square filter holder designed to accommodate P Size square filters and the Elite filter range. Including in the many new and exciting features is our “screw-centre” element, which not only eliminates all possible light seepage when using the Elite ND1000 but also allows you to rotate the Elite Polariser for your desired effect.

Simply attach the holder to your camera lens by using one of the threaded Elite Adaptor Rings and away you go.

– An easy-release clip system for attaching and detaching the Elite Adaptor Rings.
– Use up to two P Size (85mm) filters at one time with the screw-in Elite filters.
– The NEW screw-centre feature eliminates all forms of light seepage when using the Elite ND1000 meaning there is no need to use a gasket.
– Use the Elite Polariser in the NEW screw-centre at the same time as suing the square filters.
– The NEW rotating mechanism lets you achieve your desired polariser when using the Elite Polariser.

See the Elite Filter Holder tutorial & reviews

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