A Month in Photography – October 2017

Photography news round-up - October 2017

It’s been a great month for new equipment, ground-breaking test scores and mobile cameras. So lets see what October 2017 had to offer for the world of photography…

GoPro go 360

October kicked off with action camera giants, GoPro, taking a leap into the VR 360-degree camera market. Their 5.2k 360-degree camera, called Fusion, will be available at the end of November for £700.

Also announced alongside Fusion, was the GoPro Hero6 that features a custom designed GP1 chip – the first of its kind from the action camera experts – that promises 2x the performance of the previous Hero5 camera.

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Pixel 2 takes mobile photography to a new level

The world of photography witnessed yet another ground-breaking camera inside a mobile device when the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL where released, retaining the ranking of “best smartphone camera ever” and out-scoring all other rivals in the latest DxoMark rankings.

The Pixel 2 (98 DxoMark rating) toppled both the Apple iPhone 8 Plus (94 DxoMark rating) and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (94 DxoMark rating) to produce the best-ever score for a mobile device at DxOMark (“the trusted industry standard for camera and lens image quality”).

However attention will now be turning to the iPhone X, which was released for Pre-order on the 27th of this month.

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Nikon D850 takes DSLRs to a new level in DxOMark test

The Nikon D850 took a huge step towards being crowned the best DSLR camera EVER when it was awarded a mark of 100 by image quality testers DxOMark.

Published earlier this month, the DxOMark testing lab scored the Nikon D850 at an impressive 100 marks. That’s two marks above the 42.4MP sensor of the Sony A7R II and the overall highest ever ranking scored for a DSLR.

UPDATE Hasselblad X1D-50c scores 102 to top Nikon D850

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Gear of the Year 2017 voting opens

Practical Photography’s yearly awards ceremony is back! Just fill out the form for Gear of the Year 2017 and vote for who you think deserves it the most.

After you have voted, you will be entered into Practical’s giveaway competition for a chance to win a yearly subscription the magazine.

“these awards give you the chance to have your say. We’d like you to vote for your favourite photo retailers and let us know who has offered the best customer service, value for money, product range and staff expertise.” Practical Photography.

Lee Filters unveil Reverse Graduated filters

The reason behind the new Reverse Grad filters from Lee Filters is to reduce horizon exposure to achieve perfectly balanced sunrise and sunset shots. And this is done by the difference in placement of the transition line.

The transition line of a Reverse ND Grad filter is, like many, in the middle of the filter. But, instead of going from clearer to darker, it starts dark and then fades to clear towards the top of the filter.

Making them ideal for scenes when the sun sits close to the horizon.

“As it’s name suggests, the Reverse ND has a stronger density in the centre of the filter, with a carefully designed transition zone that gives a natural, balanced exposure to the sky.” Lee Filters

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Seamlessly from Landscape to Portrait with the new SRB L Bracket Camera Mounts

Released for pre-order only last week, our brand new L Brackets make it so much easier for those working with an arca-swiss tripod fit to switch between a landscape scene and portrait.

Available in three different sizes to accommodate a majority of cameras, these brackets will be shipping from 6th November. Find more information and capability guides at our online store.

Sony give a performance boost to it’s much-loved mirrorless camera with the Sony A7R III

So, you think you’ve had your photogrpahy-fill for this month and then BOOM. Sony announce an upgrade to their hugely successful mirrorless camera; the A7R III available at the end of November.

The brilliant new performance upgrades available in the Sony A7R III have largely been sparked by Nikon’s D850, but Sony have proved to be no push-overs in the battle for best camera performance.

“Sony has taken one of our favorite mirrorless cameras and bolstered the performance to make the Alpha A7R III a much more capable and well-rounded camera.” TechRadar.

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