ND Soft Grad Filters Added to SRB Pro Glass Range

ND Soft Grad Filters Added to SRB Pro Glass Range

Introducing the latest addition to the SRB Pro Glass square filter range; the ND Soft Grad Pro Glass Filters.

Available as individual or in a set, our newest additions sit alongside the Full Neutral Density Pro Glass Filters.

Measuring 84mm x 100mm, the soft grad pro glass filters have been designed for the 84mm P Size filter system. This includes our Elite Filter Holder and Elite Lite Filter Holder.

Like soft grad resin filters, the pro glass filers have a subtle transition from dark to clear. This makes them an ideal accessory to have when shooting an over-crowded horizon.

But, what really sets these pro glass filters apart is the material. Made from high quality and durable 2mm thick glass, the ND Soft Grad Pro Glass Filters give maximum sharpness and produce crystal clear images. Making them the perfect companion for landscape photography.

A soft grad filter is best be positioned in a frame that consists of a darker foreground and a brighter background, such as a sunset. By using soft grad filters, all of the detail in the frame can still be captured without risk of over/under exposure and loss of detail.

Included in the ND Soft Grad Pro Glass Filter Set is a 0.3 filter, 0.6 filter, 0.9 filter and a Three Filter Wallet. For more filter set options, check out our Top 5 square filter sets.

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