Our 5-star neutral density filter set

Fresh from an impressive test with Digital Camera Magazine, our Neutral Density Filter Sets include three great ND filters of your choice (soft, hard, or full) and a very handy Three Filter Wallet for storage (worth £4.49).

“Very precise exposure consistency across all three filters.” 

Digital Camera Magazine, sept. 2017

Our P Size ND Filter Sets are constructed from resin material and are available in three types: Full ND, Soft Grad ND and Hard Grad ND.

Not sure on neutral density (ND) filters? Well, here’s a little teaser of what an ND filter can do…

An ND filter reduces the amount of light reaching your camera lens, meaning the camera can perform with a higher aperture to produce a result far closer to how it appears to the eye.

A Full ND filter effects the entire frame and an ND grad filter will effect just a specific part of the frame.

Great for landscape photography, the ND Grads come in two types: ND Soft Grad and ND Hard Grad. An ND Soft Grad filter will reduce light entering the lens in a smooth transition from light to dark, whereas a ND Hard Grad filter has a more sudden transition from light to dark.

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