SRB ND1000 continues to top the charts!

The latest accolade? A maximum score of 5 stars – respectably ahead of Hoya, Cokin and Kenko – from the November 2017 issue of Practical Photography, titled “5 of the best Big Stopper filters”.

Available in Circular and Square, Rugged and now in our popular Elite format, our ND1000 filter has proved a huge hit with both experts and enthusiasts – see for yourself by checking out our Instagram page!

Recognise by the good people at Amateur Photographer in 2014 – scoring 4 out of 5 stars – the ND1000 filter went onto score 5 stars in the Digital Photo Magazine 2015 Big Stopper group test and receive the Digital Photo Gold Award – edging out Lee Filters and Hoya in the process.

Grab one of our ND1000 filters today by following the links below!

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