Tales by Light: An Inspiring Binge for Photographers


Netflix's Tales by Light

“Travel broadens the mind”; a phrase that, with no hesitation, i can agree with.

For example, It was only the other day that I explored the wreckage of a Mitsubishi Bi-Plane in the watery depths of Papua New Guinea, trekked the Himalayas for a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard, went salmon fishing with the brown bears of Alaska, and shared my afternoon with a  penguin in Antartica.

I couldn’t believe it. All of this is one day. And i didn’t even need a Rick & Morty inspired portal gun! Nope, all i needed was a bunch of snacks, a comfy sofa and a Netflix subscription.

Of course, i’m talking about the visually-incredible TV series Tales by Light.  (maybe a change to my earlier reference then: “A mini-tv series binge on Netflix broadens the mind”?)

A simply awe-inspiring show for all photographic minds, Tales by Light constantly oozes powerful and griping imagery that is beautifully captured and narrated to form an extremely watchable TV series.

Created by National Geographic and Canon, Series One of the Australian documentary series brilliantly encapsulates the journey of five professional photographers – Art Wolfe, Darren Jew, Richard I’Anson, Peter Eastway, and Krystle Wright – as they go in search of the perfect shot.

Featuring a superb variation of photography types such as landscape, wildlife, adventure and underwater, we are given the unique chance to understand the sacrifice and literal blood, sweat & tears that goes into creating a spectacular piece of art.

The techniques that these talented photographers use are fascinating to understand. From the post-production of a fish-eye lens and a “painting by light” technique in episode one, to using a drone to capture the masked mud men and Huli clans of Papua New Guinea episode six.

And that, to me, is what makes Tales by Light so spectacular. To break the cultural boundaries with modern technology in the name of art.

While reminding us just how beautiful and some-what innocent our world still is.

Next stop: Series Two (released on Netflix back in April 2017).

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