The Elite lite Filter Holder and Everything you Need to Know

The Elite lite Filter Holder and Everything you Need to Know

We’re so excited to finally announce and officially introducing the newest addition to the Elite square filter system; the Elite lite Filter Holder.

Seen as the sister to our Elite Filter Holder, the Elite lite Holder keeps many of the fantastic features that made the Elite holder so popular. Including the easy-clip mechanism for attaching Elite Adaptor Rings, the option to use two filters at once, and the ability to rotate the filter when in use.

In addition to these features the Elite lite includes a wide-angle tool kit and weighs in at just 65 grams, which if you’re wondering is less than the average weight of a large chicken’s egg!

Elite lite Filter Holder
Elite lite Filter Holder

Elite lite Filter Holder Features

    1. Lightweight.

      Put it in your pocket, camera bag or even clip it to your jeans. With the aluminium body weighing just 65 grams, a massive 25 grams lighter than the Elite holder, the Elite lite holder well and truly lives up to it’s name.

    2. Lower focal length capabilities.

      One of the holders greatest features is it’s ability to work to a lower focal length. The thin 4mm aluminium body, means vignetting is less likely to appear when working with lower focal lengths. With the included wide-angle tool kit, that lets you remove one filter slot from each side of the holder, you can work down to as low as 14mm*.

      Elite lite Wide-angle tool kit included
      Elite lite Wide-angle tool kit included
    3. 2 x Filters at once. 

      This is pretty standard today, but it’s important to remember just how useful using two filters at once really is!

    4. Rotating holder.

      The design of the Elite adaptor rings allow for smooth and easily adjustable rotation of the holder when attached to the camera. This is a particularly handy feature when it comes to lining up a frame with your Graduated filters.

    5. Great price. 

      We believe price shouldn’t stop you from creating beautiful photography. So that’s why, with all of these great features and a quality engineered design, we’re so happy to price the Elite lite filter holder at a fantastic £19.95!

Elite lite Filter Holder
Attach with an Elite Adaptor Ring

Using the Elite lite Filter Holder

    1. Attach to camera.

      Take your Elite Adaptor Ring (sold separately) and screw it into the thread of your camera lens. Then, use the golden clip mechanism on the side of the holder to attach and detach it from the adaptor ring. The adaptor ring will sit snug and secure in the holder’s grooves.

    2. Using filters.

      Once attached to the camera, it’s time to add your filters. With the ability to take up to two 85mm (P size) square filters at one time, simply slide the filters into each of the holder’s filter slots. Here they will sit securely throughout your entire shoot. If you’re using our P Size ND1000 or P Size 6-stop filters then make sure these are fitting in the filter slot nearest to the camera lens, meaning the filter’s gasket eliminates all light seepage.

      Elite lite Holder with 2 x 85mm filters
      Elite lite Holder with 2 x 85mm filters
    3. Rotate. 

      You can then rotate the holder, whilst still attached to the adaptor ring, to alter the frame and achieve the perfect shot.

    4. Shoot!

      Now comes the fun bit. It’s time to put all these great features to the test and starter shooting!

*The Elite lite Holder is designed to fit standard lenses, although may still be compatible with some wide-angle lenses depending on lens diameter. When using the wide-angle kit and just 1 filter slot the holder will work down to a focal length of 14mm until vignetting appears, although working focal lengths may vary depending on the optical design of the lens.

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  1. Great piece of kit, but still waiting for the plastic cap to cover the adaptor so you don’t have to unscrew it every time. A cap similar to the Lee filters would be fine.

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